Tracy Meyer, LCPC, NCC

Tracy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Counseling from Liberty University in 2018, her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health from Liberty University in 2021 and is a National Certified Counselor. Tracy is currently working toward her doctorate degree in Counseling Education and Supervision. Tracy’s experience includes providing individual and group psychiatric rehabilitation for adults and adolescents and providing counseling services for adults, adolescents, and families.

Tracy is passionate about working with individuals with trauma and is an EMDR therapist. She has experience with Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive-behavioral therapy while integrating Compassion-focused therapy to build coping skills, self-esteem, mindfulness, assertiveness, safety, and trust. Tracy treats trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ and gender related challenges, and spiritual concerns.

Tracy endorses a client-centered approach to therapy and believes each client is unique; therefore, treatment should be tailored to the needs of the client. Tracy’s approach is warm, accepting, and respectful to help put her clients at ease. Tracy enjoys serving in her community and spending time with her family.