Joy Rush, Masters Student Intern

Joy Rush was born on March 12, 1971, and raised in the Bronx, New York. She graduated from Grand Canyon University in March 2018, with a BA in Business Administration. Currently employed with the Prince George’s County Public Schools as the Administrative Assistant, she is currently a master’s degree student intern at Bay Area Christian Counseling Center. Although having some experience working with children and adults in the school system and the New York State Mental Health Hospital as a support administrator, this is her first time engaging in Mental Health as a counselor. Her 23 years of experience as an administrator, keeps her more than involved in the daily activities of the attending children. She has a keen intuition and ability to see when there is more that needs to be addressed within a child or an adult.

As of 11/25/2019, Joy has been sharpening that ability by attending Walden University and studying for a dual degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Professional School Counselor. She is really interested in the process of involving young adults in the importance of their mental health. She will be taking her State Certification Exam in the Spring of 2023.

Joy is very personable and the epitome of her name. She is witty and funny, yet straightforward and to the point. She understands that each person is an individual and treats each person as such. Her job does not have to tell her to be ethical, her entire being is just that. When she is not at work at the school or interning at the center, Joy spends her time with her daughter and her beautiful new grandson. She is already reading to him and talking him into being a respectful young man. He is only 3 months old. Joy says no time like the present.