Arriving in mid-May

Molly Gruber, Clinical Counseling Intern

Molly Gruber
Molly Gruber is in her second year of graduate school at Liberty University. She is working to obtain her master’s in clinical mental health counseling. She graduated with a double business major from Towson University in December 2022, but found she had a passion to do something more relational. Molly started her journey with Liberty University in February 2023. She is looking forward to working with clients at Bay Area Christian Counseling.

Molly is interested in integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and working with children/adolescents in areas of anxiety, depression, and ADHD. She believes recognizing where each person struggles with distorted thinking can be an effective place to begin in order to help build on self-confidence and efficacy. She strives to have an eclectic approach when working with clients because she knows each person comes from a unique background, environment, and belief system. She hopes to be able to apply all she has learned in her clinical experience, while continuing to develop her knowledge in mental health counseling.

Molly is from the Annapolis area and is currently living in the Mount Vernon Area of Baltimore, working part time at a restaurant, and attending school full time.

In her free time, Molly loves reading, running, trying new coffee shops, and spending quality time with her friends.