Truly Thankful

Morgan has been the blessing I didn’t want to admit I needed. Her ability to help me recognize and address my thoughts and emotions in a way that is healthy and make me better as person has not only helped me, but those I love and care about most. Her wisdom and understanding of how to challenge my thoughts all the while making me feel truly seen, heard, and understood.

Focused in Annapolis

BACC has an excellent team. From the warm greeting at the front desk from Denise and her strong organizational skills, my time in the office can be focused on my therapy. My therapist, Terri, creates an inviting and comfortable environment, striking a balance of both support and challenge in our sessions. Over time she has offered me a variety of different therapy approaches and techniques. This is particularly helpful in digging deeper when I get stuck or am repeating patterns. Terri has been there for some of my darkest times, but also working along side me to celebrate my growth and little victories. I strongly encourage anyone considering therapy – especially for the first time – to visit BACC.

Feeling Confident in Bowie

John helped me! He treated my issues like important ones, and he saw the greater things at play behind my anxiety. He helped me navigate my own decisions. It is exactly what I needed to confidently move forward and make changes without fear. It’s been a great couple of months, and I look forward to future appointments.


Terri changed my life. She helped me believe in myself and my ability to do hard things. Her aptitude for listening, validating, and equipping me with tools for handling my anxiety and depression was an immeasurable gift.

Extremely Satisfied in Annapolis

Carol has been a god-send and such a huge blessing to me. She made me feel at ease from the very first setting. Her professionalism and knowledge was very impressive and most importantly she listens intently and never judges. She has been a huge help to me with encouraging words, advice and uplifting Biblical scriptures. I highly recommend her and Bay Area Christian Counseling to anyone seeking Christian counseling for mental and psychological therapy.

Grateful in Annapolis

I have been seeing Terri for probably three years now, if not a little longer. Together, we’ve been able to slowly chip away at my past trauma and work toward processing using EMDR and, frankly, I could not be happier with the progress I’ve been making with her.

She’s also the first person to recognize that I was showing signs of a neurological disorder, and because of Terri, I was finally diagnosed at the age of 37, and it was life-changing to be able to treat it and finally function again. Without Terri, I might never have gotten that nudge to go get myself tested; neurodiversity wasn’t even on my radar until I started seeing her and I’ll be forever grateful.

A Grateful Mom

Jessica is FUN! My son loves to hang out with her and play Connect Four or some other game on the floor. Therapists for kids have a tough job, get them to talk and get them to think about things differently when most of the time they really have no formed opinions on how the world works vs. how it should work. The greatest gift that Jessica has given my son is the gift of flexibility.